2018 Apr 04 Update Notes


  • To keep up with the recent update from Valve, we are starting to accept PUBG items while keeping CSGO items with in-site inventory and 7 days trade lock integration.

  • We will be accepting all items over 100 coins(10 cents) from 100% price rate until further notice.

  • A problem with user records(wagered, deposited, withdrawn ... amounts) reported by few users has been fixed without losses.

Contact Us for suggestions, concerns regarding to this update and more.


2017 Oct 13 Update Notes


  • Wobble is easier on eyes with new font and "dark" mode. You are able to switch modes between light and dark from quick menu bar in betting page and from settings menu overall.

  • You can adjust chat size vertically from right bottom corner.

  • Now design compatible with mobile screens so give it a try.


  • We removed Prediction feature because it failed to go beyond just being another way of collecting free coins.

Upcoming Updates

We are planning to add new ways of collecting free coins and enabling /send command with additional security so it will upgrade your safety further more.

Don't forget to Contact Us for suggestions regarding to this update and more.